For Sale

   1. A3S 20-15-10 meter beam antenna made by Cushcraft.


   2. Telex hy-gain Ham iV rotator system complete with directional control.


    Used approximately 2 years and stored since 2000 in Tampa...


    Priced together $600 cash



Ian Greig



For Sale

ICOM 730 works great on 20 meters and down, but virtually

no output above that. Great for parts....would cost $255 to repair,

will sell for $150....

SM5 desk Mike $45

MFJ969 Ant. tuner very good condition $115

Contact Steve  kb9bmx   863-699-5475




FOR Sale

  Icom 756Pro III in like new condition. Complete with Matching PS-23

  Speaker, PS-125 Power Supply, HM-36 Mic..  

  Manual and estra Power Cable. All original boxes


asking  $1900.00  Contact

or 863 439-1036


  Wanted Older tube-type ham and shortwave radios. Will consider

   nice ones and projects.   Top of list is Hammerlund receives.


  Contact Ed Purvis  WA4NJY  941-746-1642

Silent Key equipment for Sale

  The following items are for sale. Questions about them can be 

answered by Mr Jim Orht at 863-273-3304. All items are here in Sebring.

Jim as a friend of Dave K2ECK.


1. YAESU G-450 XL ANTENNA ROTOR CONTORL, this is to be sold with the rotor.

this item is currently hooked up to a Mosley CL36-M tri-band ( 10-15-20) 6 element beam antenna on a 32t tower. 

this towere is rigged with  trolley system to raise and lower the antenna.   Asking price $500, $50 for the controller 

and $500 for the antenna.  

2. MFJ 35A adjustable RegulatedPower Supply  $100

3. LDG TW-1 talking wattmeter for vision impaired $125

4. Two Kenwood TS450B hf trancievers  $500 each

5. Kenwood MC-50 Mic  $60

6. Collins 30L-1 1kw AMP (call for price)

7. FS-20 Field Strength Indicator  (make offer)

8. QSYER Keyp Pad  $20

9. MFJ Antenna Bridge MFJ 204B $35



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